Saturday, August 18, 2007


On Thursday "the girls" from work took me out for dinner at a local Italian grill. Having never eaten here I was looking forward to a good Italian meal. We all gather and order hordervs and dinner. The conversation (of course) was work and related customer woes. The waiter( who had fallen victim to me at work) was very cute and sweet. He joked and "played cute"(as wait staff learn to do to get a better tip). He found out I was being taken out for my "last supper" and was hurt. He told me and all my co workers how much fun and how painless I made his visit to our office. I am still leaving work and going to school!!!
As dinner progressed and conversation started to wander to personal the fun started. We heard stupid husband stories and embarrassing but true stories. One girl was telling about a visit to THE GRAND OLE OPRE. She told about a singer and a funny story I will pass on. The singer(I cant remember who it was-young timers clicking in) said he was performing in an "old folks home" and during his show all the patient were swaying,clapping hands and having a good time, All but one little ole lady in the front row(who of coarse he couldn't help but see) After his show he approached this woman and asked her if she enjoyed his show and if she knew who he was. The little woman looked up at him and said she didn't know who he was but if he went to the nurses station and asked her she would tell him who he was.
After dinner the younger girls,who I don't think really wanted to be there, left those that remained kept on talking. Conversation ended up with coffee and desert and more foolish stories. It felt weird as we parted ways,as if a chapter in my life CLOSED.

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