Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, I have always wanted to do massage therapy. I started to take basic courses to get myself "back in the swing of things". I was at the local community collage and enrolling in a basic computer course for the summer, the advisor asked me what my future plans were and I told him. At that time he informed me that AB TECH was going to be offering this course in the fall. After that I went home told my husband and he said go for it. Sooo...... Mama is starting over!!!

I honestly can not fail to mention one real reason why I know how, at the age of 40, I have realized I can reach my dream. A great part of my inspiration is a great friend- sounding board-and at times just plain and out sanity. She has furthered her education with four, yes 4, young children one of which she had while attending school and kept on going. She showed me there is a hope, if you have the will, and boy -o-boy she has the will and determination to not only to go on but to graduate with HONORS. Big bravo to her, and thanks for the courage you have reminded me I have so I can go on.With her and all others I have behind me,I will be constantly reminded this is what I want to do and I will do it.It is MY TURN.

I went to the collage, took my placement exam,with all these young folks, and spoke with an advisor. I than went into work and QUIT!!!!!! Boy that felt strange the first time since high school I will be unemployed. Needless to say my boss of seven plus years, was quite shocked but IT'S MY TURN!!! With all the "other kids" I have sat in lines for financial aid, to talk to advisers and registration.

Now with only one week till my school bell rings I am retrieving school records, filling out papers, getting a physical and getting immunizations-like the rest of the kids. The next stop will be the bookstore.
This will be an adventure------MY ADVENTURE


thirtysomething said...

way to go sister!

thirtysomething said...

Yea! Fixed and ready to respond I see!