Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well it's now over. Yes OVER!!! Friday August 17,2007 was my last day at the grindstone. No It didn't feel odd or sad it felt well..... OVER!!!!
The day started like any other, opening the door and letting the hords of customers in and filing them,like cattle through the ropes and letting them go. Lunch was ordered and the day was soon over.
The realization will come on Monday when I am gone, and one other employee is on vacation, and the boss has to work. This will only happen after she finally gets there....
Off to school.


On Thursday "the girls" from work took me out for dinner at a local Italian grill. Having never eaten here I was looking forward to a good Italian meal. We all gather and order hordervs and dinner. The conversation (of course) was work and related customer woes. The waiter( who had fallen victim to me at work) was very cute and sweet. He joked and "played cute"(as wait staff learn to do to get a better tip). He found out I was being taken out for my "last supper" and was hurt. He told me and all my co workers how much fun and how painless I made his visit to our office. I am still leaving work and going to school!!!
As dinner progressed and conversation started to wander to personal the fun started. We heard stupid husband stories and embarrassing but true stories. One girl was telling about a visit to THE GRAND OLE OPRE. She told about a singer and a funny story I will pass on. The singer(I cant remember who it was-young timers clicking in) said he was performing in an "old folks home" and during his show all the patient were swaying,clapping hands and having a good time, All but one little ole lady in the front row(who of coarse he couldn't help but see) After his show he approached this woman and asked her if she enjoyed his show and if she knew who he was. The little woman looked up at him and said she didn't know who he was but if he went to the nurses station and asked her she would tell him who he was.
After dinner the younger girls,who I don't think really wanted to be there, left those that remained kept on talking. Conversation ended up with coffee and desert and more foolish stories. It felt weird as we parted ways,as if a chapter in my life CLOSED.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


OK. I go to the local "Urgent care" center to get my back to school physical. I was upset because I wanted to be there at 8:00am to get this over with, we ( my 11 year old daughter and my self)
at 9:45. To my shock the sign on the door reads "CLOSED" they open at 11:00 am on sat and sun.This explains why the parking lot is empty, I just thought for once I was Lucky. OK, now what. Kenni's idea is to catch a bite of breakfast. So... Hop- skip and jump we head over to Merrimon ave to our favorite spot( NEW YORK BEAGLES). We order our usual and shoot the breeze with the crew and pass the time . When done we head back to the Urgent care, at this time (10:45) the parking lot is packed. I quick hop out of the car and am the first in line, like I said I wanted just to get this over.I was on the tacking end of a lot of nasty looks, but heck if you want to sit in your car and I am willing to endure a little heat I deserve to be FIRST. The door opens promptly at 11:02, YES we all were checking the time. The mad dash to sign in and fill out forms than ensues. Now the frantic filling out of the forms begins. Forms filled out and handed in, The wait begins......and lingers......and lingers........AT LAST I am called.
I step into the back, blood pressure is taken, temp.,on to the eye test(squinting and trying to read I pass this portion, than the weight( I only have my love of cooking and eating to blame for this),on to the room. I am asked general health questions and than sent to the bathroom with a cup. Now mind you when urine samples are taken at an urgent care the sinks are turned off and the paper towels have been removed. OK, I didn't really have to pee but I gave it a whirl, WOW, a whole 20 drops, I was proud I got than than Oh sh##, I dropped the damn cup in the toilet. Now what? I reach in and yank it out,Can I just move on like nothing happened? No I cant. I throw the cup in the trans and reach for a paper towel...NONE!!! Now what. AH!! Toilet paper, I reach over and pull, only the spot that I pulled from broke off. I finally got done returned to the room and washed my hands, no paper towels there either.
The nurse comes in to take blood a whole vile to check my iron level (because with as much money as i have spent there on my son they don't have the machine to just do a finger prick).
This done than the doctor comes in to do the exam.Light in my eyes, check my ears and listens to my longs and heart. I am asked how I feel I respond OK. The physical is now over.(What a crock, but it is done). Now it is time for the SHOTS eeek. Hep b in the left arm(OUCH!!!) and a TBtest. I'm done I see the exit door.
I am told to sit in the white chairs and wait.....When they are finally done with my chart I am at the check out. My bill is being added and $239.00 is being asked for. For what I ask(for when I called in I was told way less $75. for exam and $19 for TB and $75 for hep b 1st shot) And the list of charges is read to me... $75 foe exam (OK) $19 for hemoglobin(wasn't told about) $17 urine dip( wasn't told hope they didn't charge 2X's because of butter fingers) $74 for hep (OK) and 19 for TB (OK) and a charge of $35.00 for an after 5:00 or weekend visit.WOO..wasnt told about that when I called in,being unemployed I could have come in during the weekday,but I didn't. I was told that signs were "all over the office" I saw the one she pointed out to my. I gave it my all and just gave her all the money I had. I was at that time informed that when I paid that balance I could have my physical.Oh no, not an option,I have a deadline here. Phone calls made and all I got my papers and was on my way. Trust me on my way out I looked for said signs all over the office. I finally found one amongst other signs on the wall. I warned all in the waiting room (Rather loudly) that they were paying more and to read all the posted signs. Some people walked out.
Hope the rest of my decision isn't as much of a cluster f***

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, I have always wanted to do massage therapy. I started to take basic courses to get myself "back in the swing of things". I was at the local community collage and enrolling in a basic computer course for the summer, the advisor asked me what my future plans were and I told him. At that time he informed me that AB TECH was going to be offering this course in the fall. After that I went home told my husband and he said go for it. Sooo...... Mama is starting over!!!

I honestly can not fail to mention one real reason why I know how, at the age of 40, I have realized I can reach my dream. A great part of my inspiration is a great friend- sounding board-and at times just plain and out sanity. She has furthered her education with four, yes 4, young children one of which she had while attending school and kept on going. She showed me there is a hope, if you have the will, and boy -o-boy she has the will and determination to not only to go on but to graduate with HONORS. Big bravo to her, and thanks for the courage you have reminded me I have so I can go on.With her and all others I have behind me,I will be constantly reminded this is what I want to do and I will do it.It is MY TURN.

I went to the collage, took my placement exam,with all these young folks, and spoke with an advisor. I than went into work and QUIT!!!!!! Boy that felt strange the first time since high school I will be unemployed. Needless to say my boss of seven plus years, was quite shocked but IT'S MY TURN!!! With all the "other kids" I have sat in lines for financial aid, to talk to advisers and registration.

Now with only one week till my school bell rings I am retrieving school records, filling out papers, getting a physical and getting immunizations-like the rest of the kids. The next stop will be the bookstore.
This will be an adventure------MY ADVENTURE